We desire for our church to be a place where:

  1. The unchurched and unbelievers can come and have the freedom to explore/discover Christianity.
  2. Individuals have the freedom to wrestle with God’s truth as they seek to know more about God and His heart.  This would include:
    • Seeking the truth about the Bible?  Is it really authored by God?  If so what role did God play in its inspiration?  Is it true from cover to cover?
    • Learning more about God’s grace and its ultimate expression through Jesus and the cross.
    • Learning more about spiritual gifts, their expressions, and validity.
    • Learning more about what God has to say about moral issues such as sex outside of marriage, homosexuality, divorce, and abortion.
  3. People can come as they are, be themselves, be loved, and be guided into God’s truth and toward a closer relationship with God.

We are a church where:

  1. Jesus is our first love.
  2. People are real and genuine.
  3. Ministering to the needs of others is one of our primary goals.  God did not intend for ministry to be limited to ordained ministers/clergy.  In the
  4. People are encouraged and equipped to take their faith in Jesus into their everyday world.
  5. We earnestly desire to pass on to others the hope that we have come to know in Jesus Christ.
  6. Casual but modest dress is welcomed.

We highly value:

  1. Interactive worship (expressing our love for God to Him and to others)
  2. Discipleship (teaching the truth of God’s word, God’s ways, and God’s heart, and teaching and modeling how we should respond to     God’s  love and the importance of becoming more like Jesus).
  3. Relationships (Developing our friendship with God and others).

In the Vineyard our motto is Everybody gets to play.  God did not intend for ministry to be limited to the professional clergy.